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Wanda is a Boricua (Puerto Rican) student, scientist and educator who is passionate about sharks and that is dedicated to understanding these predators and informing others about this group of fish. She loves her roots and has a deep connection to the island she was born and raised in, Puerto Rico. For this reason, Wanda is keen on doing some research work in the state and federal waters of the island by studying the biology and ecology of the local elasmobranch (sharks and batoids/rays) populations, while also doing outreach and educational work.

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Her goal has always been to combine all of her interests into one. The product that emerged from this is her small business Little Women, Big Sharks LLC. Through a series of workshops, lectures and courses, Wanda seeks to fill in the gaps of information regarding elasmobranchs of Puerto Rico, for which the information available is limited to non-existing. For this same purpose, she also develops educational materials in Spanish that anyone can access freely through the company's website.


"I want for my fellow Puerto Ricans to be able to learn information that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, in English (rather than in our first language), portrayed in a technical manner (which could be very hard to understand), or all at the same time. Overall, I want to provide my community with a good scope about the elasmobranch world and perhaps, discretely but not so secretly, help change the overwhelming negative perception that many Puerto Ricans have towards these animals. Specially sharks!" 

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Click here to see an example of what she means. Providing easy-to-access and easy-to-read information, also written in Spanish, can help our community understand these predators and learn how important they truly are. 

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