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You are more than welcome to contact Wanda to request an interview, a shark talk/lecture or a collaboration (research, outreach or education).

She looks forward to hear from you! 

Email for CV/Resume. 


Jocelyn Pérez

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Wanda M. Ortiz Báez

Student, Scientist & Educator



Lajas, Puerto Rico 00667


Twitter account coming soon!

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Want to set up a call?

Text me here with the following the subject: "Online profile contact" (copy and paste this subject into your text message). However, you might prefer to get in touch via email as the provided phone number is public and temporary.

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You can also request the services that Little Women, Big Sharks LLC provide as well as follow this company's journey, and its education and outreach efforts through their website and social media platforms. Use the links in the icons below to dive in.

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